I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

September 5, 2016

Trump’s Wall

The whole world heard the clarion call

“Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”

Thus did Ronald Reagan thunder

and demand the Berlin barrier be torn asunder.

Donald Trump promulgated a different view

but now he cannot decide what he should do.

They needed, he said, to build a fence that’s thick

and they would have to build it mighty quick.

Would he to the National Guard give the order

to militarize their southern border?

But the Guard, that never saw Berlin,

is now well known to be stretched thin.

I suggest we should try not to dwell

on those who may go AWOL,

just like Donald when he did a bunk, went on the lam,

and never made it to Vietnam.

Why, one may ask, the idiotic urge

to carry out a drastic purge?

Who are those he wanted to keep out,

and attack with all his mindless Trump clout?

Gardeners, cleaners, hotel maids,

shoe shine boys and nurses aides.

cooks, dish washers and pastry bakers,

and not forgetting taco makers.

The mariachis or roving bards

plus those that clean up in the yards.

The many known as the hard hats

and the nannies who control the brats.

Girls who struggle in sweat shops

and men who tend to all the crops.

Remember too garage mechanics,

the vast majority Hispanics.

The many who labour in the sun

picking citrus by the ton.

Jobs that are the least desired

so border crossers are always hired.

Mexican cardiologists and physicists

are ones that would be greatly missed.

But, instead of being held at bay,

they are handed green cards on a tray.

Can it really be thought as wise

to try hard workers to criminalize?

To threaten they’ll end in the lockup

is worthy of the best Trump cockup.

Let us now suppose, and just for fun,

that most decide to go on the run,

The result would be truly cataclysmic

and the shocks that followed would be surely seismic.

No-one can tell just what Donald is thinking

as the good ship Trump goes right on sinking.

Can we really believe he was sincere

that he wanted to seal off the frontier?

Can it be meant to raise his rating,

and get off the thin ice on which he’s skating?

Will it improve his numbers in the newest poll

and help to pull him from the hole?

No-one his plan can comprehend

though he’s known by all to be round the bend.

But no matter what’s behind his ploy

he’s managed many to annoy.

When pondering what might be the outcome

most consider his wall is just plain dumb.

But wait! Could it be that he has up his sleeve

a ruse to ensure they can never leave?