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September 24, 2014

Tony Keeps on Talking

Can’t someone tell Tony Blair that mum’s the word
as his pontificating becomes mind-bogglingly absurd?
With buddy George W.  he claimed he saw things that were not there
when with his war-mongering he tried us all to scare.

He made an affirmation wiser heads knew was inane
when he insisted the bogeyman was Saddam Hussein.
He swore what Dr. David Kelly said about the non-existent WMDs was wrong
a declaration that became an executioner’s song.

When told there were no such weapons by Hans Blix, the Swede,
with his expert opinion Tony vehemently disagreed.
He and Alastair Campbell, his Spinner-in-Chief,
presented what they said was a dependable brief.

Those who read it lost no time in expressly their shock
and were quick its “sexed up” contents to  mock.
They showed no signs of critical acclaim
about what most described as a contemptible shame.

When they appointed Tony as their envoy apparently without thinking
one can only wonder what the Middle East Quarter members were drinking.
They must have taken leave of their senses
to appoint him to an area where he declared war on false pretenses.

When one considers what his failures there have been
we can be thankful that he is very seldom on the scene.
Can someone convince Tony that of his blabbering the public has had enough,
in the hope that he will finally be persuaded to cut the guff?

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