I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

October 15, 2013

John Boehner -- A Dangerous Orange Shake

The farce taking place in Washington, D.C.
is a splendid example of the democracy
of which the United States is so proud
and constantly brags about clear and loud.

Elections are fought with one party victorious
then the loser behaves in a manner inglorious.
No-one knows why the Repugnicans chose as their head bloke
a man whose orange face is a joke.

John Boehner’s official title is that of House Speaker
but his constant tear shedding makes him look like the House Weeper.
It is no great surprise that the clueless dimwit
believes the election was won by a guy who is called Mitt.

Obeying instructions he received from the Tea Party faction
to repeal the Affordable Care Act he swore to take action.
To do so he confirmed he is his party’s off-the-wall clown
by deciding he would the government shut down.

What does he think his party can possibly gain
when so many voters with the shutdown feel pain?
The millions who depend on food stamps will now be unable
to put enough food on the family table.

In Disease Control Centers’ cancer trials are on hold
and those in violence shelters to go home are being told.
Thousands of federal employees on unpaid furlough are sent
and left wondering how they will pay their next rent.

At the U.S. performance other countries are aghast
 and wonder how long the lunacy will last.
Meanwhile the Americans keep insisting they lead the world that is free, although countries such as Germany and Switzerland would be unlikely to agree.

With the stock market in turmoil and the dollar in danger
is it not time for Boehner to stop acting like a dog in the manger?
Maybe some members of his party could give him a few cues
and persuade him it really is time he got off the booze.

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