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September 2, 2013

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Is it not time to call the white-coated men
to Downing Street number 10?
Cabinet members are alarmed when they perceive
The P.M. of his senses has taken leave.

Rumour has it chums like Rupert and Rebekah think
David is precariously tottering on the brink
when he announces no-one of a knighthood is more deserving
than a nice young man who is good at tennis balls serving.

He plugs fracking with all he´s got
and says talk of green economies is tommyrot.
Can it be true members of his Party knelt down for his sanity to pray
when he claimed fracking would help families their bills to pay?

While deploring the Middle East killing
to hawk war weapons to the area David is always willing.
He describes as legitimate sales to Saudia Arabia and the Emirates of U.K. arms,
reminding us of the U.S. politician’s legitimate rape claim that raised alarms.

Now that fraudster Gary Bolton has been put away
David must be regretting the day
when his ambassadors plugged a British detection system that was a joke
consisting of mirrors and of smoke.

Did David shed any bitter tears
when he learned Giles Paxman, UK envoy to Mexico for four years,
at his Residence Mexican ministers did his best to seduce
by promoting a plastic box as the best Britain could produce?

If Giles, now Ambassador to Spain, has not his methods altered
he is running a serious risk of being Gibraltered.
As Cameron’s coffers with profits from arms sales are now swollen
will he compensate countries from which large sums were stolen?

David came across as less than bright
when with The Guardian newspaper he picked a fight.
He threatened the paper with applying what he called prior restraint
if reporter Glenn Greenwald did not respond to his complaint.

As Greenwald wrote about what Edward Snowden had already spread the word,
Cameron’s claim that it is the messenger who must be shot absurd.
Meanwhile Snowden is in Russia still managing to keep alive
and staying well away from the clutches of MI5.

When at Heathrow it was decided David Miranda for nine hours to detain
whoever gave the order must be suffering from water on the brain.
The Metropolitan Police seized his cell phone, laptop including memory sticks,
hoping they would discover his terrorist tricks.

That his offence is being Greenwald’s partner and closest friend
is apparently what is sending them round the bend.
Or is it because he is a native of Brazil
that produces in them an Antarctic chill?

In 2005 Jean Charles de Menezes, a young electrician from that nation,
was shot eight times in a London underground station.
That seven of the shots were in his head
is reason enough for Brazilians the Met to dread.

Although he thought by now he would be rolling in clover
David’s troubles are far from over.
In the Commons his call to punish the Syrian government failed
when wiser heads among his Party members prevailed.

Humiliated, he had to confess to his master in Washington D.C.
that the U.K. backing was not to be.
His defeat has put the special relationship in peril
as shown by Kerry’s reaction bordering on the feral.

As backing for any military action in Syria is fading
Cameron must be wondering in what muddy waters he is wading.
He has forced Obama to do what he must most abhor,
ask Congress to support his very own war.

But most people were encouraged when David lost the vote
and some were even unkind enough to gloat.
A leader who undoubtedly is more than glad
is a president whose name is Bashar Hafez al-Assad.

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