I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

September 26, 2013

Ted Cruz’s Silly-bluster

A Texas Republican senator named Ted Cruz
on Obamacare swore he would put the screws.
He stood up and members of the Senate addressed
hoping with his ramblings they would be impressed.

That he is opposed to improving health care he left not a doubt
when he said the Affordable Care Act should be thrown out.
Told many could not afford medical insurance he said “So what!
They’ll have to put up with what they haven’t got”.

September 2, 2013

Pride Comes Before a Fall

Is it not time to call the white-coated men
to Downing Street number 10?
Cabinet members are alarmed when they perceive
The P.M. of his senses has taken leave.

Rumour has it chums like Rupert and Rebekah think
David is precariously tottering on the brink
when he announces no-one of a knighthood is more deserving
than a nice young man who is good at tennis balls serving.