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July 8, 2013

The Washington Follies

That countries spy on their enemies is no surprise
but snooping on friends can be unwise.
When the culprit is their trusted Washington ally
the victims ask if whoever gave the order is imbibing too much rye.

Now off their undercover actions the lid has been blown
by Edward Snowden, formerly one of their own.
While some in the U.S. say what he did was hateful,
because he told the truth others are grateful.

As U.S. undercover agents are known to see weapons no others can defect
many doubt their monkey business will now have much effect.
Their head honcho showed signs of being demented
by insisting Snowden from crossing borders be prevented .

John Kerry, instead of trying with the victims to mend fences
showed signs of having taken leave of his senses.
His minders should have told him he would fail
by threatening to pull the dragon’s tail.
It was a mistake to warn the Chinese that, if with Snowden they had any truck,
No American restaurant would be allowed to serve Peking duck,
and on no menu would ever be seen again
that popular dish known as chow mein.

Spain and Italy risked a president’s life being snuffed
because they were afraid by the U.S. of being rebuffed.
France and Portugal took a similar tack
but wiser heads prevailed and they drew back.

They did not want to suffer a huge loss of face
by forbidding the Bolivian president’s plane from entering their air space.
They had thought that was their only choice
because, even as  victims, they must obey their Master’s voice.

Vienna , in mistreating a Latin American head of state should take care
or the world might be reminded of the Austrian Herr
whose Reich was to last a thousand years
until he ended up bunkered and in tears.
If any country or countries offer Snowden to assist
by the U.S his right of asylum will be dismissed.
While about abusing human rights others they chide
their hubristic hypocrisy they are unable to hide.  

Their Commander has forbidden U.S. troops the Guardian newspaper to read
making some fear he may be back on his weed.
Besides preventing planes from flying over any European air strip
he is now promoting censorship.

That they are also being bugged O Globo published in Brazil
and produced in Dilma a welcome thrill.
She hopes that learning they are being spied upon by the U.S.A.
will make her millions of protestors fade away.

Since Tony Blair made the U.K. America’s 51st state
it was to be expected Britain would not share other countries’ spying fate;
and David Cameron has shown that to work under cover he is prone
when a bug were found in the Ecuadorean Embassy’s telephone.

When they get together to discuss the U.S.-  E.U. deal on trade
the Americans will think their spying has left the Europeans in the shade.
But when Hollande and Merkel now want to have a word
they know by the U.S. and U.K. buggers they are overheard.

The Washingtonians have left no-one in any doubt
that it is the messenger they want to see wiped out
or handed over to them so he can be put away
and left without being charged in their gulag known as Guantanamo Bay.
When people see the numbers of agencies engaged in spying
they think those providing the information must be lying:
besides the  NSA and its TAO, there are DHS, PRISM,  DOJ,  FBI,  and DEA
as well as the IRS, DCSNET, FASC, FISA, FISCR, and CIA.

The U.K.’s best-known spooks operate in MI5 and MI6
and others also engage in dirty tricks.
They think it best not to let all their initials be known
especially when bugging an embassy phone.

In the U.S. the most frequent complaint
is heard from those who want Washington to show more restraint.
They are resigned to being constantly snooped
but they bitterly resent being alphabet souped.

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