I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

February 18, 2013

In Rome a Vacancy is announced

When Pope Benedict XVI said he would step down
and cast aside his Papal crown
it was not long before many people wanted to know
if it was his own choice or if he was persuaded to go.

He is following the example of his namesake Benedict Nine
who, after being Pope three times, decided to finally resign.
He did so because he could no longer resist the appeal
of bribes offered by Gregory the Sixth who was impatient to get his hands on the papal

So in the Holy City 117 elderly men will soon begin to search
for the next head of their Catholic Church.
What thoughts will they perhaps be thinking
as they decide who will lead a congregation rapidly shrinking?

As sixty-seven of the Cardinals were by Benedict appointed
and his conservative predecessor John Paul II the rest anointed,
there is little chance their Eminences a more activist pontiff will choose
to step into the Fisherman’s shoes.

They fast-tracked the canonization of Escrivá the misogynistic founder of Opus Dei
and agree with him that in the Church a woman only a skivvy’s role should play.
Yet they lecture women about their behavior
and warn if they use contraceptives they will be condemned to hell by the Saviour.

The chances of the next Pope making changes are not bright
to remedy the scandals that on the Church has put a blight.
Will Bishops and Cardinals still allow pedophile priests to move from place to place
so that evidence of their crimes they leave no trace?

He will urge the faithful money to their parish donate
by putting coins into the Sunday plate.
The cash given by the poor at Mass in every nation
helps to pay the millions the Church was fined as victims’ compensation.

While on paying for the sins of the fathers the Vatican is millions of dollars squandering
its Bank’s washing machines continue with their job of money laundering.
So while the next Pope prepares to put on his fancy papal clothes
he should keep in mind the Bible casts doubt about scribes who walk around in long robes.

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