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December 20, 2012

Gadgets, New and Old

When asked if I have the latest “i”.
“I already have two” I am tempted to reply.
But I am careful the question not to trivialize
because I know people are very serious about their “i’s”,

To buy the latest gadgets I am not prone
so I have no iPod, iPad or even iPhone.
Sad to say I now an old friend must avoid
because he insists what I need is an android.

Why I would want a human-like robot I fail to understand
especially one that it seems would fit into my hand.
With such advice I find it hard to grapple,
especially when he says it would be better than an apple.

I did not pursue the matter because I did not want to take the chance
that about new gimmicks I would display my total ignorance.
That I know nothing about phones, pods, or pads I have to confess
and it is causing me much distress.

I suspect my friend would not want to hear
that in using a particular application I am a pioneer.
I started very long ago to use the device
and about purchasing it I did not think twice.

It is a product every few months I do not have to change
or take to the store for a new one exchange.
When by some people for being behind the times I am berated
I can boast that my original i-Ron will never be outdated.

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