I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

October 10, 2012

To Belie, or not to Belie, That is the Question

The first presidential debate is now history
with an outcome the talking heads call a mystery.
How could Romney, who about details is never specific,
perform in a manner they acclaim as terrific?

Obama was said to have been off his pace,
but who wouldn’t be when forced to look at his opponent’s face?
It would cause any debater to suffer from depression
when confronted with a visage that never changes expression.

As Romney to dissemble is constantly prone
what his plans really are can never be known.
As he again and again himself contradicts
on his listeners his version of the truth he inflicts.

His budget proposed tax cuts for those with their cash safely off-shore
while punishing the less fortunate by taxing them more.
Now he claims he was misunderstood
and is really the middle classes’ Robin Hood.

Obama’s health care he continues to bemoan
although it seems to many in some ways to resemble his own.
But if they choose the one now being put forward by Mitt
sufferers will find they have been dropped into a pit.

Those with pre-existing conditions had better be aware
if profit-making insurance companies are allowed to decide on their care.
About government programmes Romney showed he’s absurd
with his vicious attack on Sesame Street’s beloved Big Bird.

Fearing it might be a hindrance to his race,
about the 47% of voters he called scroungers he did a about face.
His handlers advised him it would sound very bad
if he told them to get money from their mom or their dad.

Wouldn’t it have been just terrific
if Romney had uttered anything specific?
Will a majority of voters Mitt’s abracadabra buy
when he repeatedly promises them pie in the sky?

In the next debate Obama should keep his cool
and debate like a graduate from Harvard Law School.
He has to convince voters that he indeed can
outwit his opponent, the Mechanical Man.

It might help if the Moderator would act as inspector
and place beside Romney a lie detector.

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