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October 25, 2012

Third presidential debate 2012

The third debate, monitored by grandfatherly Bob Schieffer,
was expected to show how the candidates differ.
That, however, was not the case
as Obama and Romney sat down face to face.

They started by talking about the Middle East
where they believe U.S. authority should be increased.
There was little dispute about how this could be attained
as Romney claimed with more gunboats their goal would be gained.
Each one said he was the best friend of Israel
although neither mentioned the Holy Grail.
Barack bragged that thanks to him the war in Iraq was over and done
but made no mention of why it had begun.

Mitt, also known as the Shallow Man,
Is determined to wage war against Iran.
He claims that country its neighbors wants to attack.
and indeed to invade other countries it once had the knack.

When known as the Persian Empire of Cyrus the Great
it quickly knocked down its enemies’ gate.
It did not take long the Lydian and Neo-Babylonian empires to overthrow,
but that was two thousand five hundred years ago.

Romney has discovered Latin America where a huge opportunity lies in wait,
that could for the U.S. of A. provide a golden gate.
Is he hoping that region once more to loot
by resurrecting the neocolonial United Fruit?

Concerning Afghanistan Romney appears to be completely off track
with his policy of one step forward and two steps back.
About China he continues to bray
but what his opinion is depends on the day.

One day China is a security threat.
The next day it’s the U.S.’s best bet.
Mitt, instead of about China making a fuss
to help him to add he could ask them to teach him how to use an abacus.

The debate was announced as being about foreign affairs,
but they strayed off the subject as they squirmed in their chairs.
The monitor did not take either Barack or Mitt to task
when they kept answering questions he did not ask.

With his permanent preset smile,
Miitt said from Obamacare he’d run a mile.
How many voters did he think would be swayed
when he promised to give the States Medicaid?

Apart from that, instead of trying Obama to screw,
to whatever he said Mitt replied with a resounding “Me too”.
Unlike the last debate when he would constantly the President interrupt
in a manner many described as boorishly abrupt.

With the election about to be held
there’s one problem about which many have dwelled.
How to make sure the votes are correctly added
especially in Florida and Ohio where they are often padded.

In Ohio, an election battleground state, they’re skating on ice that’s thin.
because, when all the votes are safely in,
questions will be asked about whether each and every voting machine
was giving a result that could be considered clean.


May we ask whether, by any chance,
the machine company is partly owned by the Romney family is simply a matter of

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