I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

October 18, 2012

Second Presidential Debate

How would Obama the next challenge tackle
after the first presidential debate debacle?
He then gave the impression of wishing he was not there
leaving Romney to argue with Clint Eastwood’s empty chair.

This time there appeared a totally different Barack
eager to refute any Romney attack.
A feisty guy, ready for the clash
determined his opponent’s arguments to thrash.

Moderator Candy Crowley had to act like an exasperated mother
as the candidates kept interrupting each other.
Obama said little he had not said before
and he promised if re-elected he would the economy restore.

Romney claimed he was the guy who had the knack
of getting the country back on track.
To solve all its problems he repeatedly said he knew what it takes
but, as he forgot to explain what he meant, he might as well have played ducks and drakes.

When the President said his stimulus the auto industry saved
an irritated Romney to contradict him craved.
But however much Mitt mocks and scoffs,
thanks to Obama Detroit has at last made it to the World Series playoffs.

Mitt sounded like any oil company shill
when he repeated his mantra of ¨drill baby drill¨.
About licenses he did not get things right,
but then with him facts always remain out of sight.

Instead of venturing into the foreign affairs dominion
it would have been better had he reserved his opinion.
When about Libya he would not keep mum
he once again came across as just plain dumb.

Candy had to tell him he was wrong
but Mitt kept on singing his off-tune song.
He should about foreign policy keep his mouth tightly closed
if he does not want his ignorance to be so publicly exposed.

Obama Care he is now despising
even though it was of his own devising.
About Medicare he seems to be thoroughly confused
but insists that for it only vouchers should be used.

Once again about contraceptives he modified his stance
by saying every woman to have them should be given a chance.
When on this subject he decided to again change his mind
was he thinking of the women who in binders he has confined?

That is a subject that many observers thought was a shocker,
and confirming that Mitt is indeed off his rocker.
Any woman who heard him and with resentment smolders
should be thankful he didn’t say he’s keeping his women in his flip flop folders.

About China Romney keeps saying he’s concerned.
Is it because his Chinese investments not enough profits have earned?
Bur let Mitt be aware he should never try to pull the Dragon’s tail
for any such attempt would ignominiously fail.

He claimed all his assets he could not find
because they are safely ensconced in a trust that is blind.
Is he pretending he’s unaware of where he has his stash
when his dollars, pounds, Euros and Swiss francs he wants to cash?

When Romney opens his mouths things usually go awry
especially when he’s promising the plebs pie in the sky.
But of all his mistakes the worse one of all
was when he chose Paul Ryan to help him carry the ball.

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