I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

October 15, 2012

Biden-Ryan Debate

Never have so many looked forward to a debate,
as to see the Vice-President and his opponent they could hardly wait.
They hoped the V.P. would whip up a storm
unlike Obama’s performance subdued and lukewarm.

Joe Biden appeared looking heart-warmingly avuncular
to face a Paul Ryan resembling T.S. Eliot’s young man carbuncular.*
Did he think it was some kind of medical quirk
that Paul’s face was set in a permanent smirk?
Uncle Joe quickly decided he would not simply sit back
and launched a vigorous elder statesman attack.
Fox’s Coulter accused Joe to Paul of not being courteous enough
but he only interrupted to question Ryan’s ridiculous guff.

Romney, said Ryan, would reduce taxes but would not taxes cut,
a claim the V.P. put on his wide malarkey smile to rebut.
To Paul he commiserated it was really too bad
that at school he had never learned how to add.

Ryan claimed Romney’s policies would of the people take care
but when for details was asked refused to say what they were.
On health care it was clear he was Mitt copying
By engaging in the very same flipping and floppying.

He made no secret of his and Romney’s plan
to wage a war against Iran.
Intelligence sources say it a nuclear weapon will produce.
The same ones that around Bush’s throat with non-existent WMD put a noose?

Paul insists any help from the stimulus act he shuns
even though for his own district he twice begged for such funds.
Only once did his smirk fade out of sight
when he said to have an abortion women should not have a right.

Many viewers must have been surprised
on seeing the 70-year-old Biden so energized.
Young Ryan, who never misses a chance more iron to pump,
looked like nothing so much as a lackluster chump.

Biden has set the stage for the next presidential clash
when it will be seen whether the President can cut a dash.
Because after the first debate so many criticized his showing,
next time we’ll see an Obama with his confidence overflowing.

*T.S. Eliot: The Waste Land

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