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September 24, 2012

Who Upset the Apple Cart?

Can there be any more unappetizing sight
than an apple out of which someone has taken a bite?
Yet multitudes camped out for days on end
anxious on such an apple their cash to spend.

When the iPhone number 4 appeared
lucky buyers applauded and cheered.
But on their enthusiasm soon was put a blight
when the screen kept disappearing out of sight.
Steve Jobs told them they should not worry
for they would have something to fix it in a hurry.
That was enough to keep their hopes alive
as they waited to buy iPhone number 5.

Getting the new toy involved much wheeling and dealing
and expectations went through the ceiling.
The lucky millions got a slightly bigger screen
and one that apparently can now be seen.

But, sad to say, that is now something else that has buyers perplexed
with some even being very vexed.
When checking the map before going abroad on vacation
they are directed to another nation.

No use looking for Shakespeare’s birthplace
since of Stratford-on-Avon there is no trace.
The railway station from which to travel I had a notion
is now located in an ocean.

About your favourite museum you might find there is a mistake
when you see it is now to be found at the bottom of a lake.
Manchester United Football Club must be on the skids
as it has been replaced by a club for kids.

Those looking for London’s famous Tower find a surprising scenario
when they learn it has been transferred to the Canadian province of Ontario.
Irish authorities are worried that it might cause pilots and air passengers harm
when they see Dublin’s airport is now on a farm.

Meanwhile, as Apple shares keep on rising,
it should to no-one be surprising
or come as a colossal shock
if the buyers are the same ones who rushed to grab the Facebook stock.

Why, one may ask, is Amsterdam the town the new maps come from
produced by a company that calls itself TomTom?
Apple’s new CEO Tim Cook let his foot slip right off the clutch
by failing to warn the language used for the maps would be double Dutch.

Now about riots at Apple’s Chinese supplier Foxconn investors are expressing concern
where workers are unhappy about the miserable wages they earn
and each one performs a back-breaking task
while those buying shares at 700 dollars in their good luck bask.

Many customers feel they were bamboozled
when they discovered the Apple maps had been de-Googled.
But now Google stock price has reached an all-time high
with many believing it is now the better buy.

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