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September 3, 2012

Welcome to Cloud Cuckoo Land

Anyone trying to describe the cloud cuckoo land our political leaders inhabit
risks falling down the same hole as Alice’s rabbit.
It is a place where everything is so askew
one wonders if they are imbibing their very own brew.

Because voters must make an effort to understand
what happens in that godforsaken land,
let us take as an example the Republican presidential convention
that attracted the whole world’s bemused attention.
Although their candidates had been selected beforehand,
thousands gathered in Tampa to strike up the band,
while millions remained glued to their TV
to learn who the keynote speaker would be.

As they watched they thought in syrup they would smother
by being told how every Republican loves his or her mother.
Then they waited with breath that was bated
to be assured that love was reciprocated.

Although to many Mitt Romney comes across as an automaton
as a future president he is the Republican Party’s chosen one.
Among his handlers there were signs of tension
as they worked on winding him up for their Convention.

That he exemplifies a U.S. leader political
explains why so many of the American system are critical.
The many faux pas he committed on his disastrous overseas trip
demonstrates on reality he hasn’t got a grip.

He began by promising voters their lives would improve
if tax cuts for him and his fellow multi-millionaires they would approve.
His own tax returns produce he did not
for one cannot deliver what one has not got.

Food stamps, he said, should not be tolerated
and those who claim them should be berated.
While about his love for his country he continued to brag
he attended his shindig on a yacht flying the Cayman Islands flag.

He claims all women he respects
and insists he loves the fairer sex.
Maybe that is something on which Mitt should not dwell
as we know it’s a Mormon custom to love their women a tad too well.

Paul Ryan spewed so many what the Brits call pork pies
not even Fox News could accept all his lies.
As he went on and on with his mindless chatter
it was clear to the altar boy the truth does not matter.

He again lauded his heroine Ayn Rand
although his praise now seems to have got out of hand.
The poor guy alas has been deceived
by thinking avowed atheist Ayn in his God believed.

Chris Christie said Romney’s platform he supported
but unkind folk complained it was the platform that for him had to be supported.
Now expectations were rising as the time drew near
for the principal speaker to appear.

At last all anxiety was put to rest
when they brought out their very best.
Was Clint Eastwood’s choice by those responsible relented
when he came out looking like he was demented?

It did not help when he kept on talking to an empty chair
and was the only one who could see and hear the man who was not there.
Those who hoped for some sane words at the very least
instead had to listen to the specter at the feast.

The Republicans can claim as their own Todd Akin who brags he’s the expert on rape
making one wonder from what loony bin they let him escape.
He is backed by Tom Smith, Senate candidate from Pennsylvania,
Who displayed a serious case of megalomania.

His claim is there’s no difference between an unwed woman who is with child
and a rape victim who has been defiled.
As the faithful around their heroes rally
Don’t they realize they are all suffering from the incurable disease of anencephaly?

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