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August 13, 2012

Romney’s V.P. – An Echo of His Master’s Voice

No more speculation about who it will be
now that Romney has finally named his presidential V.P.
The noise heard was a collective groan
when Mitt announced in choosing Paul Ryan he had picked a clone.

When Paul agrees with Mitt that money given to the wealthy to the poor trickles down
does he know he’s quoting a phrase coined by a clown?
Humorist Will Rogers used the expression
to try to raise the people’s spirits during the Depression.
Today like Romney the affluent place their ill-gotten gains
in off-shore accounts in places where it seldom rains.
And where the tax man is so kind
that when they pay few, if any, taxes he does not mind.

Paul is another who laps up Ayn Rand’s skewed philosophy with unbounded admiration
and says for him it has always been an inspiration.
He agrees that giving to those in need is tommyrot
for one should always give to those who’ve got.

When he announces his plans for benefits like food stamps, Medicare and Medicaid
one can only wonder what he’s imbibing with his lemonade.
Does he really expect voters to place their trust
in someone who believes prices paid by the poor do not rise but simply adjust?

Donald Trump, Ryan’s supporter and infamous birther,
described by some as a Middle-Earther,
admonished him for announcing his budget plan
before the election was in the can.

Better to wait, he said, and not yet about his ideas brag
or he’d risk letting his cat out of the bag.
And Rupert Murdoch, that Antipodean epitome of fair play and straight dealing ,
agree s for America Mitt’s and Ryan’s plans are the most appealing.

Paul is advised by Cheney who, by some magical black art,
was finally able to acquire a heart.
Is Mitt’s sidekick thankful to receive words of cheer
from the most notorious war profiteer?

If he’s taking lessons from Dick about how animals to kill
he should remember that shooting is not his friend’s greatest skill.
Paul should never consider inviting him on a deer hunting trip
or letting him on any kind of weapon get a grip.

As to Rush Limbaugh, to reject The Blob’s blessing Paul would be wise
since his massive Viagra doses never helped him to any occasion rise.
Meanwhile Romney, by introducing Ryan as the next U.S. president with a ringing shout
shows he is still suffering from a serious case of foot-in-mouth.

When in the U.K. Mitt boasted that the Anglo-Saxons were the cream of the crop
in three of the Kingdom’s countries a penny could be heard to drop.
In Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales exasperation was felt
by each and every inhabitant who takes pride in being known as a Celt.

As we witness the continuing pre-election drama
there is one thing where no-one can deny Paul Ryan beats Barack Obama.
But the President will probably shed no tears
when he hears Paul declare he is the one who has the bigger ears.

As for me, I make no apology
for not being taken in by Romney’s harebrained Mittology.

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