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August 5, 2012

Romney: An Incurable Case of Foot-in-Mouth

Republican candidate Romney drew up a travel trip
to prove on world affairs he has a grip.
To show he can be presidential
and persuade voters he has a foreign policy credential.

If Mitt believes about what happens abroad U.S. voters care a bag of beans
he should go and tell that to the marines.
Their concerns are about events in the U.S. of A.
so they question why he chose to go away.

They are worried at what he might do as Head of State
and wonder why he’s taking so long to name a running mate.
When news got out of his three-country visits plan
most assumed he’d be going to places like India, China and Japan.

But no, Mitt thought it would be more fun
to tell the Brits how the Olympic Games they should run.
When he became aware of his clumsy blunder
he learned how British politicians and media can tear a chap asunder.

So it is no wonder London did not strike up the band
To hail the Wimp from Nowhere Land.
He quickly decided to Israel to go and put on a shawl
to pray before the Wailing Wall.

In that country Mitt proved he really has not got a clue
by annoying both the Israelis and the Palestinians too.
Let us hope he was by his people advised
Not to ask Netanyahu how many more dead Jews he wanted as Mormons to be baptized.

Even his handlers were in the dark about what he hoped to gain
by visiting Poland as part of his campaign.
One guy lamented that his boss had totally lost control
when he said he wanted to convert every negative poll.

Back home Mitt decided the lower classes to woo
by proving like them he’s a regular guy too.
He said in the Olympics his wife with her horse Rafalca would hold the fort
by competing in dressage, that popular working-class sport.

When they learned Rafalca costs 77,000 dollars a year to keep
those struggling to get by on food stamps could only weep.
Meantime, in the U.S. the bookies are licking their chops
as they take bets on the would-be president’s next malapropos.

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