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August 21, 2012

A Center for Disease Control Case

No-one who listens to them can be in any doubt
that Romney and side-kick Ryan suffer from foot-in-mouth.
It’s now obvious among the Republican ranks the disease is spreading fast
as Todd Akin’s comment hit us like an Arctic blast.

He wants the whole abortion discussion to reshape
by presenting himself as an authority on rape.
A victim, he assures us, who is suffering a sexual assault,
to the flow of unwelcome sperm can put a halt.
Does he think a women being sexually assaulted should not be annoyed
because it is something to be enjoyed?
Now even good friends like Paul Ryan are raising fears
about what Todd might have between his ears.

Would he step up to the plate and tell us please
where he acquired his expertise?
Had he been gulping a bit too much toddy
when he claimed a victim is able to shut down her body?

A fact he said came from doctors he did not name
and in telling that lie he showed not a sign of shame.
His Master of Divinity Degree in his faith’s particular theology
hardly qualifies him as an expert on biology.

He is being urged not to run for a Senate seat to be elected
a plea he has very firmly rejected.
So now the voters in his district must be his judge and jury
and how they vote will tell us a lot about Missouri.

Any woman who sees a photo of his feral eyes and mouth shut tight
wouldn’t want to meet him alone on any dark night.
If confronted with such an apparition she’d be glad
if she could flee the scene and run like mad.

Todd Akin, since 2001 U.S. Republican Representative for a Missouri congressional
district. answering a question about abortion from a local TV station in St. Louis, said the
bodies of victims of “legitimate rape” automatically “shut down” and prevent pregnancy so
there is no need for abortion. He did not explain what “legitimate rape” might be.

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