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March 5, 2012

Fools Rush In

I think poor Rush Limbaugh should be pitied rather than berated because he went berserk and attacked law student Sandra Fluke when she dared to appear before a U.S. House of Representatives committee and say contraception should be covered by medical insurance. 

It can hardly be considered news
when Rush Limbaugh his venom spews
and the airwaves he continues to foul
while happy that listeners cannot see his wobbly jowl.

But now he seems to have gone too far
even for a radio talk show tsar.
His vicious attack on Sandra Fluke
confirms his reputation as a malicious kook.
Rush’s complaints of payments for sex leave little doubt
that he knows what he is talking about.
On returning from his Dominican Republic stag party study trip
he thought Customs he could give the slip.

Alas by them he very quickly was nabbed
and they his remaining 29 illegal Viagra pills grabbed.
He was dumped by three wives when they learned that Rush’s disability
was a  deficiency of macho virility.

Did he hope wife number four he could persuade
with his Elton John’s million dollar serenade?
If she continues to his advances to be receptive
we know she will never, ever need any contraceptive.

The latest outburst from the overstuffed jerk
proves it is not only his nether region that doesn’t work.
Could the Viagra makers perhaps produce a strain
that could help Rush treat his dysfunctional brain?

When on the TV his face the screen totally fills
some viewers suffer attacks of the most terrible chills.
Then all night they have nightmares and their heads begin to throb
as they are pursued by a bloated creature known as The Blob.

Now Limbaugh’s sponsors and radio stations are dropping out one by one
as more and more of them his program shun.
They decided to discard him would be wise
when it became known that to any occasion he simply cannot rise.

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