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August 16, 2011

Who Rates the Raters?

Although it takes no genius to see U.S. finances are in a mess
the downgrade confuses me I must confess.
When Standard and Poor announced the drop
many asked whether President Deven Sharma had blown his top.

He admitted to what he called a trivial mistake
of the kind, he claimed, anyone could make.
It was only a $2 trillion error and should not cause a fuss
just because someone wrote a minus instead of a plus.

Like other rating agencies S & P’s reputation was not triple A
when banks with the subprime mortgages were all making hay.
Maybe that is why now when they make a decision
the public’s reaction is one of derision.

The question arises of who rates the raters
to make sure they use reliable calculators.
If they employed a mathematician or two it would not be so bad
or at least a few people who at school were taught how to add.

Sharma says politics is not their game
but on Obama for the deficits they put all the blame.
That most of the damage was caused by Bush they must be aware
but apparently to admit that they simply don’t care.

So be careful of a company with a standard so poor
their ratings often reek like manure.
But Deven’s dad in Mumbai applauds his son's every move
and can’t understand why anyone should disapprove.

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