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July 11, 2011

Is Cyberspace the Answer to Population Control?

Droughts, tornados and hurricanes,
huge areas lashed by incessant rains.
Floods and wild fires causing destruction
with calamitous effects on food production.

Effects that can be seen in the local store
with the most basic items costing more.
About climate change not much can be done
with politicians deciding the subject to shun.

In his day an English clergyman named Thomas Malthus
about the problem made quite a fuss.
He said that as people produce more rapidly than food
unless their numbers were not reduced we’d all be screwed.

Controlling population growth would be our saviour
because it would lead, he claimed, to virtuous behaviour.
If there were fewer mouths to be fed
we could all sleep easier in our bed.

To find a solution he might have had more success
if to the cyber world he’d had access.
As it is a cosmos in which people are allowed free rein,
it would have caused the good doctor distress and pain.

Congressman Anthony Weiner was recently mocked and taunted
because on the Internet his assets he flaunted.
Still, for what many tweeters considered an aberration
others thought he deserved congratulation.

If politicians, sportsmen and others of similar inclination
followed his example it could help solve the problem of starvation.
On rising birth rates it would surely put a hex
if they confined themselves to cyber or virtual sex.

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