I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

July 8, 2011

Be Careful About the Horse You Back (Or That Backs You)

It is hard to understand how a U.S. (formerly Australian) citizen can so many politicians dancing to his tune.

When Rupert Murdoch wanted his venom to promote
and tell U.S. and other citizens how they should vote
he found that, as he had the bad luck to be Australian,
he could not enter foreign markets where he was an alien.

Not for a single moment did that give our hero pause
as he quickly found a way around all the media laws.
He would buy himself a brand new citizenship
so that on American television he could get a grip.

He flushed his Oz passport quickly down the loo
and viewers with his U.S. Fox cable channel he set out to woo.
So no-one would have any doubts about his noxious views
he produced a reactionary programme he designated Fox News.

A requirement for those he selected to speak
was an innate ability to be able to shriek.
No honeyed tones would viewers have to endure
so he told his lackeys the most strident to hire they always should be sure.

The females he anointed to broadcast his malice
all had one thing in common with Charles Dodgson’s Alice.
Except for the few darker toned tokens Fox displays on occasion
each is expected to be a blonde-haired pale faced Caucasian.

A touch of bleach would avoid comments that can be called snide
as some gals their dark partings are unable to hide.
A few bucks spent on peroxide should meet all their needs
and allow his Foxies to look like native-born Swedes.

To expand his empire he turned his eyes to Hong Kong
with China as his target, but he proved to be wrong.
So he got rid of Anna, his wife of 32 years
who, with her 1.2 billion dollar settlement, did not shed many tears.

If he could replace her with someone who was Chinese
he was convinced he could her fellow countrymen please.
So he chose a young lady who just happened to be
his Hong Kong Star TV’s newly appointed V.P.

Alas, no-one dared tell him in Beijing that is not thought to be cool
where marrying a Westerner is seen as dilating their purer gene pool.
So now Rupert had to devote all his attention to a much easier target
bemoaning the fact he no longer had Margaret.*

Nonetheless, he was determined to get the Brits to do what he wanted
as his newly caught prize he unashamedly flaunted.
But David should be careful when he reaches for the pie in the Sky
for he might find that his plans have all gone awry.


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1 comment:

  1. Thank you very much for this splendid version of: Caustic Comments, Political Satire, Vitriolic Verse
    I will be using your poetry as an example of my future Digital Poetry classes to show my students the initiatives that are taking place in today's cyberspace. Congratulations and thank you very much.
    Dr. Forés