I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

July 11, 2011

Is Cyberspace the Answer to Population Control?

Droughts, tornados and hurricanes,
huge areas lashed by incessant rains.
Floods and wild fires causing destruction
with calamitous effects on food production.

Effects that can be seen in the local store
with the most basic items costing more.
About climate change not much can be done
with politicians deciding the subject to shun.

July 8, 2011

Be Careful About the Horse You Back (Or That Backs You)

It is hard to understand how a U.S. (formerly Australian) citizen can so many politicians dancing to his tune.

When Rupert Murdoch wanted his venom to promote
and tell U.S. and other citizens how they should vote
he found that, as he had the bad luck to be Australian,
he could not enter foreign markets where he was an alien.

Not for a single moment did that give our hero pause
as he quickly found a way around all the media laws.
He would buy himself a brand new citizenship
so that on American television he could get a grip.

July 1, 2011

The Remarkable John McCain

Try as I might I find it hard to explain
the dim-witted remarks made by John McCain.
Arizona´s Senator is appalled troops from Afghanistan will be pulled out
and that they should remain in Iraq he is never in doubt.

Despite being held captive as a prisoner when he was younger,
he vies with Cheney as being America’s most fanatical warmonger.
He is convinced the nation’s fast vanishing wealth
is better spent on the military than on improving its health.

John’s State is a place where many nutters are bred
who like to shoot people in the head.
Semi-automatic guns are the weapons of choice
and about outlawing them few would dare raise a voice.

But his comment that surely must be most reviled
is that illegal immigrants cause Arizona’s fires that are wild.
Indeed that assertion is such a shocker
it is proof, if any were needed, that John is indeed off his rocker.

Is he trying to outdo Arizona’s new resident
who, it is clear, is of a similar bent?
Did he suggest Sarah should stop gazing across the Bering Strait
and move south to be close to her co-candidate?

Or, when from Alaska she decided to vamoose
was she planning perhaps to cook John’s goose?
It is unlikely the two families in Arizona will be cosily dining
once John’s daughter Meghan knows what Bristol Palin about her is whining.

Jon Kyl, the other Senator representing the State,
After he engages in any kind of debate
shows he’s verging on the delirious
when he claims nothing he said was meant to be serious.

The outlook for Arizona is decidedly bleak
with a Governor, Jan Brewer, who is unable to speak.
Though the suggestion might seem somewhat odd;
could the weather conditions be a sign from God.?

But of all the inhabitants of that benighted State
It is John who gives most concern about his fate.
For it is he who is cursed with a terrible bane --
At birth he was branded with, and will always bear, the Mark of McCain.