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June 8, 2011

Twitter, Twitter on the Wall, Who is the Sexiest of them All?

What is it with men in positions of power
who seem to inhabit an ivory tower?
They believe they are kings of their castles
and think of women as their vassals..

Tiger and Dominique are names that spring to mind
and there are many others of a similar kind.
Arnold of course we should not forget
who, just like the others, his behaviour must now regret.

There’s Governor Mark Sanford who mountains could shift
when he flew off to Argentina to give his soul mate a gift.
When to his wife he became a traitor
he moved the Appalachians south of the Equator.

Then they become indignant and cranky
when someone discovers their sexy hanky panky.
The latest would-be Lothario to be found out
is now seeing his career go down the spout.

Anthony Weiner hoped to become New York’s next big shot
before he got his boxers twisted in a knot.
He didn’t know that Tweeting is a dangerous game
especially when one uses one’s very own name.

What made him think the sight of his underwear’s bulge
would induce women with him in virtual sex to indulge?
A quick glance at the asset of which he is so proud
is enough to confirm he’s not that well endowed.

Any young woman would become dismayed
when seeing the photo of the face he displayed.
There’s no way she would yearn our hero to hug
once she got a good look at his unprepossessing mug.

How come the man who turns out to be such a louse
usually has an intelligent and attractive spouse?
Is it because deep in his heart
he realizes he’s the one who is not that smart?

The moral of this tale is very clear
and I am glad I can repeat it here.
Any man who plans to cheat
must learn how to control his Tweet.

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