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May 21, 2011

No Strauss Waltz

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head man at the International Monetary Fund,
at being hauled off to Rikers Island jail looked stunned.
What he may have done to deserve that fate
will only come out at a later date.

Meantime, those who saw the hand-cuffed perp-walk* and might be confused
should remember as yet he has only been accused.
When a Maid in Manhattan sees a guest naked in a room
does she walk right in brandishing her broom?

It is said that when coming out of the shower he was garmentless
but then so am I, I must confess.
Shouldn’t the sight of Strauss-Kahn in the altogether**
have made the woman turn around and run hell for leather?

Or when faced with Dominique’s knobby knees
did she stop in her tracks and immediately freeze?
Did she assume he wanted to entice her with his manly charms
and expect she’d swoon and fall right into his arms?

It is alleged that, naked, he began her to pursue.
If true, that is something he will come to rue.
Did a 62-year old man think a woman half his age he could race
and, though less than agile, could outpace?

The maid accuses him of actions nefarious
and placing her in a situation precarious.
But while everywhere we are shown his haggard dial***
before we see his accuser’s face we’ll have to wait a while.

No-one denies Dominique has an eye for this and that lady
and is said at times to have acted in a way that’s shady.
So, if really guilty of unwanted hanky panky with a maid in a hotel
few will object if he is sentenced to a long jail spell.

A hotel maid, with a thankless job,
must be wary of the rich, the powerful and this and that inebriated slob.
Still, care has to be taken to judge each case as it occurs
instead of spreading gossipmongers’ slurs.

When Dominique looks in the mirror as he shaves
he must suspect he will not cause any woman’s raves.
Or is his a distorting mirror so that what he sees reflected in it
is someone who looks like George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

The maid’s lawyer says she felt so traumatized
that to press charges she was advised.
She claims what DSK tried to do to impress her
included making every effort to undress her.

The cops when called laid on him the blame
for trying to do a bunk, or so they claim.
One thing, however, must be observed:
he had a plane ticket that had been reserved.

For someone trying the coup to fly****
Strauss-Kahn seems to have been less than sly.
Before he got to the airport’s starting gate
he phoned the hotel to tell them where they him could locate.

The thing about this sorry story that would fill me with dismay
is if the IMF did indeed for one night’s lodging $3,000 pay.
At that price it’s no wonder if a pampered guest should think it’s all right
to take advantage of anything in sight.

I would advise Dominique in future to use his antenna
and attract the ladies with a Strauss waltz from Vienna.


*Perp-walk In New York, and elsewhere in the U.S., police parade an arrested suspect(the perpetrator) in handcuffs in front of the media, giving the impression that the accused has been found guilty before being charged.
** in the altogether - naked
*** dial – face.
**** fly the coop – run away

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