I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

May 7, 2011

The Last Trump

What can we make of Donald Trump
whose name it seems was originally Drumpf?
Was the name change done according to Goren?
If not, can we assume that Donald is foreign?

If he’s serious about wanting to be America’s President
he will first have to show he’s a natural born resident.
If he really hopes to run the nation
he must prove he is not German or Croation.

Are the alarming signs of his brain being stewed
due to all the venom he has spewed?
Couldn’t any one of his many hacks
have advised him not to say he loves “the Blacks”?

Yet he claims no-one who is not lily white
to enter Harvard has the right.
A student should only be admitted with the palest face
but he denies it has anything to do with race.

When he brags he did “good” at his best school
it only makes him seem more of a fool.
If that was what they taught the school was not the best,
even if to go there he had to be well dressed.

He should have said that he did “well”
but then telling lies will only lead to hell.
When they graduated him as Class Clown
it’s a pity they didn’t tell him to get rid of the frown.

He hates the Chinese with all his might
and wishes they all would fade from sight.
Is it because the descendents of Ming
only know him as the bankruptcy king?

Is it a Donald aberration
to think as President he could invade that nation?
Meanwhile, shouldn’t he be made to show proof of his birth
to those who believe he sprang from Middle Earth?

It’s obvious Donald is well past his sell-by date
and he’d be wise to get off the screen before it’s too late.
Maybe someone on his show when he yells “You’re fired”
will have to guts to shout “And you, Donald, are expired”.

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