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May 16, 2011

But Where’s the Proof?

Who among us could have thought
Osama Bin Laden would finally be caught?
Ten years ago George W. Bush stood up and said
he would get him alive or dead.

Although he made clear he was an Osama hater
George is not an outstanding communicator.
When years had passed and a journalist reminded him of his solemn vow
to his interrogator he exclaimed: “Holy cow!”

He told the reporter he shouldn’t believe everything he read
as he asked “How the heck could I catch him if I was dead?”
Now his successor has dumped a body in the sea
leaving many to wonder whose it might be.

Photos are not to be shown of a man shot in the face
so that his identity no-one can trace.
It would be too upsetting the Americans say
to people who remember pictures of the massacre at My Lai.

It took U.S. Intelligence all those years to run him to ground
although it seems since 2008 it’s been known where he could be found.
To be able to brag he´s the one who accomplished a mission
has been Obama´s overriding ambition.

While most would agree Osama was not a nice guy
it does not stop many from asking why
they could not have taken him alive since, as he was unarmed,
not one of the invading Navy Seals would have been harmed.

Instead Obama acted as accuser, judge and jury
causing many international legal minds to react with fury.
They say he is setting a dangerous example
by claiming on the rule of law he can trample.

It should give all thinking people the chills
if he is setting a precedent for targeted kills.
Can heads of state, to impose their version of extraordinary rendition,
now enter a country without permission?

If they see a threat, whether imagined or real,
and decide the alleged culprit must be brought to heel,
will they be allowed the presumed danger to thwart
without bringing the accused before any kind of court?

Still, for Obama who is facing an election next year
it can only be cause for a celebratory cheer
that he has put one over on his Republican foes
as they find themselves in the midst of one of Cheney's throes.

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