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January 17, 2011

Is Jan Imbibing Too Much of Her Family’s Brew?

In Arizona if Governor Brewer does not like how you look,
her immigration police your presence won’t brook.
Latinos and Orientals whose faces that to her do not seem white
will, if Jan has her way, be made to take flight.

If you forget it’s forbidden and are heard to speak Spanish
her law enforcers you surely will banish.
To her state she proclaims they are detrimental
those seen on the street who don’t appear Occidental

In her realm anyone can get a weapon if they just have the loot
and can then choose the targets at which they can shoot.
Ammunition, no problem, they just mention the gauge
and they’re free to decide on whom a war they can wage.

In Tucson a guy took a semi-automatic from a bag that was black.
and a peaceful gathering decided to attack.
He left six people dead and injured another thirteen
leaving onlookers confounded at what they had seen.

A Congresswoman was the one he wanted to take out
though about why she should be his target there’s considerable doubt.
Still, he was successful in his nefarious intent
as he fired his assault weapon ‘til the cartridges were spent

She was saved from bleeding to death by the part that was played
by a young intern’s efficient swift action in providing first aid,
He then accompanied her to the hospital and complied with his mission
when he left her in the hands of a famous trauma physician.

Her aids were reluctant to inform Arizona’s Queen Bee
that the heroes´ surnames are Hernández and Rhee.
That neither is called Jones, Smith or Brown
is giving Madame Governor a nervous breakdown.

Because in Brewer’s realm getting a weapon is so easy
outsiders tend to think of it as a state that is sleazy.
But Arizona does indeed have laws
although what they are must give us pause.

There it is a heinous crime
to have more than two dildos in one’s house at the same time.
You might also be in danger of facing the high jump
if you hunt a camel that has a hump.

Brewer’s inability to pronounce an intelligible phrase
leaves her listeners in a bewildered daze.
Many wonder whether it’s because for too long she sat
bent over her brewer relatives’ vat.

It’s something her handlers must ponder about
but I can suggest a solution that leaves no room for doubt.
The problem could be solved if Hernández agreed to step up to the plate
to teach his tongue-tied Governor how to articulate.

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