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January 31, 2011

Fools Rush In

I look for news of Rush Limbaugh
when I want to cheer up with a good guffaw.
He’s the guy who, presenting himself as one of society’s pillars,
can only keep going by ingesting painkillers.

The latest I see is that he has married once more
after wife number three ran out the door.
At the wedding the guests were the usual suspects that give us a fright
although Anne Coulter seemed to be nowhere in sight.

Did the new Mrs. L. not want her guests to be bored to death
by Anne’s continuous babbling with no pause for breath?
The Supreme Court was represented by Justice Clarence Thomas
making us wonder what Limbaugh got him to promise.

How did the bridegroom, who in no battle was ever scarred,
manage to acquire a military colour guard?
Did Rudi Giuliani turn up in a suit fit for town
or did he prefer to wear a couture gown?

But the question that has me perplexed
and has made many other people vexed
is why this homophobic goon
chose the gayest entertainer to play his tune.

It is said he paid one million dollars for Sir Elton John to sing
as he placed on the bride the wedding ring.
Was he trying to ensure number four would not flee
as did wives number one, two and three?

Was he hoping Kathryn would not yell “Oh, my God”
when like her predecessors she woke up beside a puffed-up gastropod?
Or now that times have changed did he think he could at last reveal
what up to now he had been forced to conceal?

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