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December 9, 2010

To Leak or Not To Leak

The arrest of Wikileaks’ founder should raise the alarm
as it shows that telling the truth can only cause harm.
It should cause no surprise that the Swedes, who helped the U.S. with illegal
were once again quick to obey that country’s petition.

They claimed Julian Assange in their country committed a rape
before, like Houdini, making an immediate escape.
They put the word out that when having sex his condom broke
evidence, if any were needed, that the Swedes should not try to joke.

They dropped that accusation saying it had indeed been in jest
before inventing molestation and forceful coercion charges at their masters’
They then begged Interpol to ensure he ends up in the gutter.
Didn’t Tiger’s wife show us Swedish girls always come equipped with a lead

The Swedes were instructed that, if their buddies of the message do not
they must do whatever it takes the messenger to remove.
Exactly what crime did Julian commit by spilling the beans he was handed
and put him in the hole in which he has landed?

In the U.S. their Constitution’s free speech first amendment is constantly lauded
although it allows anyone preaching hate speech to be applauded.
Saying the President is not a U.S. citizen is O.K. if you are one of the “Birthers”,
who most sane people compare to Middle Earthers.

He can be depicted as a Nazi or a Fascist or, wrapped in a red flag,
can even – shock, horror – be given a Socialist tag.
TV commentators can lie as they spew out their offensive views,
especially those employed by Murdoch’s Fox News.

Book burning, considered by most to be an unpardonable disaster,
in the U.S. is fine so long as it’s done by a Christian Evangelical pastor.
And it must be the holy book of another religion’s faith
if the burner hopes to enter his own heaven’s golden gate.

But now, while the whole world waits week after week
for the very latest Wikileak
We discover that in the U.S. free speech is prohibited when it is a true fact
and the one who dares to tell it is viciously attacked.

They cannot accuse Assange of stealing copies of anyone’s chatter
that were given to him on an intelligence agent’s platter.
Why cannot a country that insists airline passengers take off their shoes
be a little more careful in guarding their diplomats’ views?

But the leaked documents in the U.S. causing such ballyhoo
are not telling us much they can claim to be new.
They show Angela Merkel – who`d have thought? – is disinclined to be reckless
and Berlusconi throws wild parties and is said to be feckless.

For his secret offshore assets Condy Rice on Prime Minister Putin puts the
apparently unaware that shows how quickly he learnt the capitalist game.
When Russian President Mednedev is accused of being pale
can it mean whoever wrote that comment does indeed inhale?

Or is it an indication the Americans are changing their views on colour or race
and explaining why their new Majority House Leader has an orange face?*
Mr. Mednedev, like others, would be shocked if he saw a visage so creepy
but it may explain why John Boehner is always so weepy.

Zapatero is said to know so little English he cannot even say “The rain in
but the U.S. Ambassador in Madrid warns he could cause them much pain.
His Excellency claims he understands much more than he lets on
a ploy he tells the State Department is José’s cunning con.

That the Americans are nasty about those who don`t dance to their tune is no
but scathing comments about their friends they might have tried to disguise.
What they say about the U.K. must disappoint that nation
as they mock the Brits paranoia about their special relation.

Who could forget Tony Blair, well known as Bush’s poodle,
fawning over George W. in a way that was almost feudal?
Is it already too late to persuade David Cameron to cut the crap
and stop being Obama’s lapdog chap?

When they accuse China in Africa of acting without morals and with aggression
surely they are not trying to compare it to the U.S. oppression
that for so many years held Central America enslaved
by the United Fruit CIA-backed government the inhabitants called depraved.

A country whose foreign policy was dictated by a guy called Monroe
should be careful when it tries to show
other countries the path they should follow
for the sound of such advice is distinctly hollow.

Perhaps the Embassy in Canberra now knows it should not have said Kevin
Rudd is an abrasive, impulsive control freak,
seemingly unaware how unwise it is a bloody-minded Aussie’s nose to tweak.
Now that Foreign Minister Rudd is aware of his U.S. friends’ opinion
it is hardly likely he will act as their willing minion.

He has promised to protect Julian Assange, also from the Land of Oz, to the hilt
as the Americans for their security failure try to lay on him the guilt.
Meanwhile, as Wikileaks` legions of defenders a counterattack are mounting
those who tried to dispose of him the costs must be counting.

* It is not easy to explain John Boehner’s orange face, except that he spent far
too much time in the tanning parlour. He can hardly utter a sentence without
shedding a tear. It might help if he avoided looking in the mirror.

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