I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

December 14, 2010

Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer – A Gruesome Twosome

Will we ever see the day
when Sarah Palin goes away?
She now appears on a t.v. reality show
in a landscape that’s always covered in snow.

She showed us how in her land benighted
one can shoot a caribou even if short-sighted.
It is trapped and before a camera placed to make it look bigger
giving Sarah plenty of time to pull the trigger.

She yells about non-existent death panels in Obama’s health care
but is seemingly totally unaware
of the death panel in the Arizona of Republican Jan Brewer,
a state which, since she has been governor, many compare to a reeking sewer.

Given Brewer’s hatred of immigrants or anyone not white
is she among those who think Obama to be President has no right?
She wants people of whose face she does not approve
to quickly pack up and themselves remove.

When she manages to utter a half intelligible sentence she raises the alarm
about people she is convinced might cause harm.
She must bitterly regret she can’t pick up a gun and cook their goose
just as Palin from her helicopter shoots her moose.

While Sarah is broadcasting her mind-numbing pretentious rants,
not a word from her as Jan pulls the plug on those waiting for organ transplants.*
Many wonder just what Madam Governor plans to do with her huge stash
of millions of dollars in unspent contingency cash.

For reasons unknown Palin decided she would take a trip
and stand on Haiti’s sinking ship.
She arrived surrounded by a select chosen few
consisting of a Fox News channel crew.

Hasn’t that unfortunate country suffered too much
for it now to be allowed to fall into Palin’s clutch?
Haven’t the people been through enough
without having to watch Sarah as she struts her stuff?

Are those who tout her as a 2012 presidential candidate really serious
or are they snorting something that makes them delirious?
But if she does turn out to be the Republicans’ choice
then throughout the land all sane people can rejoice.

* Brewer cut organ transplants form the state’s health care system even though she is sitting on millions of
dollars of unspent discretionary federal stimulus cash. Many think what she needs is a brain transplant.

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