I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

October 28, 2010

If This is Tea, Please Bring Me Some Coffee

If This is Tea, Please Bring Me Some Coffee (A. Lincoln)

As a youngster when invited to a tea party by a friend
I was quick to accept and one of the first to attend.
There would be lots of the goodies we all loved to eat,
fancy pastries and scones and every kind of choice treat.

Now grown ups are being asked another kind of tea party to join
but it is one that has the sound of a distinctly false coin.
The Republican politicians behind its promotion
are keeping mum about their beverage being a poisonous potion.

They say to get rid of government is their main ambition
and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish their mission.
It’s a pity no-one has told them theirs is not a new creed
but one which, when touted as anarchy, did not succeed.

Those chosen to serve up their venomous brew
can best be described as an off-the-wall crew.
Sarah Palin in the forefront is the party’s mad hatter
mesmerizing the crowds with her asinine chatter.

Sharron Angle of Nevada says in some counties in Texas Sharia law is applied
while Latinos from Asia are crossing the Canadian border in a flood tide.
Carl Paladino of New York who hates everyone who is gay
why he belongs to the Republican Party he refuses to say.

But of all the tea party stalwarts the weirdest is O’Donnell, Christine,
who hopes to be crowned as the Delaware queen.
When she opens her mouth to give us her views
out of it every kind of dimwittedness spews.

She is not a witch she insists and will not cast a spell
and it is not easy to grasp just what she is trying to sell.
If she keeps on about it in babble that resembles double Dutch
her listeners might think that the lady doth indeed protest too much.

Mice with brains that are human have been produced she declared
although to ask where she learnt that no-one has dared.
While on her opponents she may spill all her spleen
why to innocent mice does she have to be mean?

That every rodent has a brain we are all well aware
to accuse Christine of which no one would dare.
Having solved the mouse problem she thought it worth while
to do some research for her own monkey trial.

Reliable sources inform that when in the zoo
she embarrassed the primates by watching them screw.
When their offspring was not a babe to be wheeled in a pram
it was proof, if any were needed, that claims of evolution are all just a scam.

Still unknown, after she finished studying every ape,
is just why the zoo keepers allowed her to escape.
But escape she did to tell us that if elected she will take back the nation
by outlawing every form of masturbation.

It is estimated, in the latest projections,
that nearly 4 billion dollars will be spent on U.S. mid-term elections.
For electors the choice will not be one that is painless
when they must choose among candidates who are totally brainless.