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May 25, 2010

Will an Inmate be Allowed to Run the Looney Bin?

Ron Paul was a presidential pre-candidate in 2008
who never made it to the starting gate.
Now son and eye doctor Randal hopes he will have more success than dad
when he runs for the Senate, though many think he is mad.

To represent his state of Texas he is the Tea Party’s choice
so now U.S. Libertarians can all rejoice.
What is a Libertarian, one might ask, what have I missed?
It is just a fancy name for an anarchist.

What do they want, what do they propose?
What do they favour, what do they oppose?
The list of what Rand, as he is now known, is against would fill page after page
but what he is for is much easier to gauge.

He proposes getting rid of the Federal Reserve for a start
and cannot wait to see its Chairman depart.
For the Department of Education he sees no need
and children’s education to the states he would concede.

Then in his home state of Texas and elsewhere the kids can learn
that Thomas Jefferson is a guy who gives cause for concern.
It was he who admonished church and state should not be one
so he is one Founding Father the nation should shun.

They will be told the U.N. is a threat to the U.S. of A.
confirming what many have long suspected: Texan heads are stuffed with hay.
If anyone the Ku Klux Klan should mention
their teachers will tell them stories about it are pure invention.

Slavery is not mentioned in their new textbooks
and those who say it occurred are lying crooks.
It is a word the compilers made every effort to evade,
so they now describe slavery as the Atlantic triangular trade.

It is said, though it is a rumour to which Paul is trying to put a halt,
his dad changed his name because he so admired John Galt
whose creator, the Rand whose names was Ayn
swore the poor and disadvantaged among us feel no pain.

He would abolish Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare
and warns of those asking for help we must beware.
He admires Sarah Palin`s mantra of drill, baby, drill
and says any oil company should be left to clean up its own oil spill.

No more food stamps for those most in need
so that their hungry families they can feed.
But does he see anything wrong with billion dollar subsidies handed out
to his agribusiness buddies; probably not since they are the ones who have the clout.

Discrimination because of race, religion, national origin or skin hue
is perfectly acceptable in Rand Paul’s point of view.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 should be amended
to remove the parts of it his supported have offended.

He insists there should be no regulation and no control
even when it comes to mining coal.
Then, when the companies safety laws fail to follow
that is something bereaved families just have to swallow.

Our hero reacts with outraged dismay
at the idea of anyone claiming unemployment pay.
So, if you decide to join the party and try some of Rand Paul’s tea
look out! for there is none so blind as an ophthalmologist who cannot see.

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