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May 4, 2010

Look Out for the Aliens

3 May 2010

Beware of Aliens from Outer Space

Stephen Hawking’s Brief History of Time was a book millions bought but very few read
though it proved to be a great cure for insomnia when taken to bed.
His explanations left me so puzzled and scratching my head
that I picked up an old Agatha Christie mystery to unravel instead.

Now the professor has told us aliens do indeed exist,
a piece of information I would never have missed.
He admonishes us to them not to make an approach
or we might end up being squashed like an unwanted cockroach.

He reminds us what happened when Europeans crossed the ocean blue
and were welcomed by the natives with their best turkey stew.
Those illegal aliens when they arrived showed no signs of amity,
and to the original inhabitants brought only calamity.

We must assume he is talking of aliens that will be incredibly smart
and before deciding to come here our planet will chart.
They will find we are species that wages war without end
An occupation the would-be visitors may not comprehend.

They will see we kill one another because of what we believe
with many using their talents the rest to deceive.
We build magnificent temples for people to pray
then invent powerful weapons to blow them away.

We despise other people for the colour of their skin.
and believe destroying our planet should not seen as a sin.
So I do not think Stephen about his aliens should make any fuss;
if they are intelligent it is hard to understand why they would want to visit us.

He says we might be able to travel through time - perhaps using a big dipper? -
and at long last be able to solve the crimes of Jack the Ripper.
But when Dr. Hawking insists nothing can travel faster than light
it is obvious he has never seen me move when something gives me a fright.

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