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May 4, 2010

British Elections

2 May 2010

May sixth is the date of the British general election,
a process that should give us pause for reflection.
With the peculiar system of counting employed
many voters’ ballots might just as well be destroyed.

It is usually a case of the same old story
with most people voting either Labour or Tory.
But the method they use to calculate
can mean the party with most votes is left at the gate.

The leaders of the two parties are now most upset
as they face a sudden and unwelcome threat.
Brown and Cameron are reeling from the terrible shock
of discovering there is now a new kid on the block.

Lib Deb Nick Clegg is the guy with the intruder’s face
who has made of the contest a three-legged race.
So let us look at those who hope the election to win
and be called to the Palace for tea or, with luck, tonic and gin.

No comments made here about what they all pledge to do
for we know politicians’ promises are rarely seen through.
But each candidate swears not one of his Party’s M.P.s will whine
when forbidden to again dip into the trough meant for swine.

Labour will go into the fray with P.M. Gordon Brown
whose advisers are urging him to get rid of the frown.
Others claim that what does him more harm
is when he puts on his smiley face and causes alarm.

He also suffers from the disease called foot in the mouth
that can only make his campaign take a nosedive south.
Instead of trying to visit multiple constituencies in one single day
Gordon would be better off staying at home to pray.

When the Tories decided they needed to burnish their brand
why did they select a leader so mind-bogglingly bland?
David Cameron is being served up as a dish
that looks as attractive as a smooth jelly fish.

Perhaps his most peculiar claim of which voters should beware
is when be bragged about being the new Tony Blair.
His posh background he dismisses as he heads for the poll
by claiming he feels working-class in his soul.

When he invites his upper class friends to his home to dine
and offers them the very best vintage wine,
he explains, as he passes the after-dinner port
that he has to present himself to the plebs as a sport.

Nick Clegg is an oddity in being quite confident
that the U.K. is part of what the Brits call The Continent
He opposed the Iraq war waged by Cameron’s hero Tony
whose claims of non-existent weapons were known to be phoney.

An advantage Nick has is his mixture of cultures
though that makes him a target for Little Britain vultures.
Is it too much to hope voters their prejudices aside will lay,
and show that when push comes to shove there is indeed a third way?

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