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April 4, 2010

Tiger -- The Never Ending Story

As Tiger’s head mistress is ready to shoot him down in flames
our attention is being distracted by a guy called Jesse James.
Does anyone really believe it when they try to feed us the fiction
that promiscuity has now become sex addiction?

That lying and cheating is a medical condition
to be treated by a specialized physician?
That spending a very short time in what they call rehabilitation
will mean all will be forgiven and be their salvation?

Can it be true Rachel Uchitel is being handed a huge lump sum
if about Tiger’s shenanigans she agrees to keep dumb?
If so, could she be accused of committing blackmail
and end up being thrown in jail?

That Rachel is represented by lawyer Allred, aka Gloria
is enough explanation for her feeling of euphoria.
For Allred has cornered one of the best legal niches
by representing a number of Tiger’s many blonde…. playmates.

We all know about his expertise at hitting golf balls
so why is he so inept when making cell calls?
And though he is clearly a champ in the art of sexing
his blunders are obvious when it comes to texting.

Clues are left lying around for anyone to find,
and confirming to many that he is out of his mind.
Whatever his talents may be at the game of cupidity
there is no denying his monumental stupidity.

Now he is ready to get back into the game and use his putter
but will he be able to pull himself out of the gutter?
Was it a coincidence he decided he could best please the crowd
by playng at a club where they say women should not be allowed?

Why would any woman want to listen while golf Masters rant and rave
about how their wedges and balls always misbehave.
Or why they would long to join a club where members of Tiger’s hue
are restricted to a carefully selected token few.

The erstwhile fans who now have become Tiger haters
put a lot of the blame on his facilitators,
the guys who while feigning to be friends of his wife,
had no problem in causing her humiliation and strife.

Now another mistress has appeared to accuse Tiger of telling fibs
at an age when he had just stopped wearing bibs.
His kindergarden teacher says he is lying when he talks about an attack
and as a kid being tied to a tree for being black.

Meanwhile Jesse is proving from Tiger to be a distraction
as more tattooed girl friends claim to have been part of the action.
What no-one can understand is why a young woman who cuts such a dash
could fall for a guy who is t

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