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March 3, 2010

The Chilcot Follies

This is how I see the Chilcot inquiry, still ongoing.

Why did the British feel in yet another Iraq war inquiry they had to wallow?
Was it because no-one the conclusions of the others could swallow?
They covered up the truth about why Dr. David Kelly died,
then the evidence for 70 years they decided to hide.

So here we are, once again, glued to the tele
hoping at last to learn what really happened to Dr. Kelly.
The claim was that he had taken his own life
but after killing himself he seems to have cleaned the knife.

Disappointment is in store for those who think the Chilcot inquiry on Iraq
will tell us why Tony Blair was so eager to attack.
This time, unlike Hutton and Butler, the inquisitor is only a Sir not a lord,
so to believe he will dig up the dirt is obviously absurd.

Whenever asked why with the aggression he had been so compliant
Blair’s answer has always been self-righteously defiant.
He saw no reason why by international law he should be bound
even though the weapons he swore to get rid of had never been found.

When chief Foreign Office lawyer Sir Michael Wood
to prevent another Suez-like disaster did all that he could,
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw claimed Wood was just being dogmatic,
but was unable to persuade Sir Michael to be more pragmatic.

Margaret Beckett, a Foreign Office star,
is an obsequious Blair admirer who went too far
and reached the lowest depths when she claimed
that Dr. Kelly for the weapons lies should also be blamed.

For support, Tony decided he could not have any counsel wiser
than that of Lord Goldsmith, his senior legal advisor.
The good lord, however, opined for an invasion there was no pretext
leaving the erstwhile Supreme Leader upset and perplexed.

Then Goldsmith was summoned to Washington for instructions about what’s what
and flew back to London with his Q.C.’s breeches in a knot.
Reversing his opinion he said he had been terribly wrong,
as he rushed to report to Tony singing Washington’s song.

This flip flop left another legal advisor so confused and depressed
she quickly raised her barrister’s voice in vehement protest.
Elizabeth Wilmshurst saw the decision as clearly unjust
and she resigned from the Foreign Office in exasperated disgust.

Alastair Campbell, the Übermeister of spin
was adamant he had not committed any sin.
But his testimony began to give off a very strong stench
when he claimed the whole thing was the fault of the French.

Clare Short livened up the proceedings with her vivid account
of the innumerable obstacles she had to surmount,
and explained that, as Secretary of State, she failed to understand,
why she was expected to obey press guy Campbell’s every command.

She too threw in the towel, although perhaps not quite quick enough
and waited too long before calling the Prime Minister’s bluff.
She finally left, she explained, because she had been deceived
and wished the Prime Minister’s words she had never believed.

Then Tony made his appearance and before he sat in the chair
many wondered whether he would begin with a prayer.
Though what he had to say caused much mirth and derision
he swore he was proud of his each and every decision.

He had not a word of regret or sorrow for bereaved families feeling much pain
as he proudly bragged he would be ready to do it again.
He agrees with Dick Cheney that Iran should be the next target for the army,
thus confirming to all who heard him that he really is barmy.

Thousands would be slaughtered and young soldiers killed, but so be it,
so long, of course, as they did not include any of his own kin and kith.
Whatever might be our horrified reaction, or outraged scorn,
let us never forget that Tony, like chum George, has been reborn.

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