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January 11, 2010

The White House Square Dance

The follow was written during the Gang of Four's time in the White House

The Gang of Four’s White House Square Dance

Take your partner, make your bow.
A Wrong Way Promenade we disallow.
What the caller prompts, say, a Half Sashay,
you must all be ready to obey.

As this square is not aligned
the change we make you must not mind.
To the caller we request you do not yell
when he insists one Beau must be a Belle.

Looking at his feet with a puzzled frown,
Bush sees one shoe black and one shoe brown.
He, who has never been described as deft,
asks which is right and which is left.

Rumsfeld does a Wrong Way Thar
while Cheney decides to Shoot the Star.
Condi adopts her school marm attitude.
as she prepares to utter yet another platitude.

Dick will have to be the girl
as they do the California Twirl.
But can a man have that condition?
It all depends on his position.

Having found his feet at last,
George prepares to have a blast.
So that with Rummy he will not collide,
he quickly has to leap aside.

Condi looks at Dick askance
when it seems that he is in a trance.
He comes alive at the Wheels and Deals,
while Rummy tries not to click his heels.

Condi is attempting to Slip the Clutch,
but alas, with a somewhat clumsy touch.
She has more success with her Walk and Dodge
which Dick might adopt at his hunting lodge.

They are asked to Form a Bump and Wave,
and by all means try the square to save.
Their Wanderings never should be Aimless
though Rumsfeld’s moves are frankly shameless.

As the call rings out for a quick See Saw
Condi misses her chum Jack Straw.*
When told to improve their poor Skirt Work
Dick, the Belle, feels like a jerk.

George W. tries to Sweep a Quarter
to take his mind off the Mideast slaughter.
He suggests they try a few Scoot Backs
to escape from the pursuing hacks.

Next, the Couples Circulate
with heads held high and backs kept straight.
As the caller prompts a Box the Gnat,
George exclaims “What the heck is that?”

Instead they do a Tandem Couple
at which Rummy’s twists are less than supple.
The caller prompts a Bend the Line
but Dick counters with a sharp decline.

He’ll keep the line straight to the bitter end
and is firmly backed by George, his friend.
They will stubbornly stick to the stance they’ve taken
and never admit they might be mistaken .

So round and round and round they go
somewhat careless with their Do-Si-Do.
Although their performance is a total flop,
they are determined never to call a stop.

* Former British Foreign Secretary. He slept in Condi’s bed on her plane. But no, she was not in it at the time. Instead she slept on the floor, making many believe she had just read the DaVinci Code.

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