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January 2, 2010

New Enquiry: Blair's War

Now that the British Government has appointed a group of notables, headed by Sir John Chilcot, to look into the role played by Britain in the Iraq War, and known as the Chilcot Enquiry, should not the public in the U.S. and Britain, and elsewhere, be given a chance to find out, from an informed, impartial and objective source with no axe to grind or scores to settle, what really happened during the most crucial years in office of President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair?

Plain Speaking describes their exchanges during their frequent meetings and telephone conversations. Besides giving an insight into how they reached some of their decisions about the war, it covers a wide range of subjects including the British Honours System, the Queen’s hats, the U.N. Secretary General’s haddock concern, the French disconnection and many more.

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