I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

December 31, 2009

It All Depends on How You Look At It, or Dr. Jungstein Sees The Light

31 December 2009

The terrorist attacks, or attempted attacks, could be prevented if the Intelligence Agencies changed their
recruitment practices.

Young Peter was a very good boy,
never refusing when asked to share a toy.
He enjoyed the days spent at his school
and was never known to disobey a rule.

His parents of him were justly proud,
and were quick to praise him clear and loud.
They felt with him they were truly blessed
as he was prepared at all times to do his best.

Only one thing clouded their delight.
You see, poor Peter could never get things right.
If sent to the store to buy some bread
he would come back bringing cake instead.

When asked to do the simplest sum
his answers were always, well, just plain dumb.
At geography he was a total failure
unable to distinguish Greenland from Australia.

When at the zoo he thought a bear was a giraffe.
all his parents could do was laugh.
But what really gave them quite a fright
Was when he saw things that were out of sight.

He told them animals were on the loose
because under his bed he had seen a moose.
And he said that, when he looked up the stair,
he was stopped by the man he saw who was not there.

Things had started to become so serious
that his mother was verging on the delirious.
When high school he finally was able to leave
his dad had a cunning plot up his sleeve.

He would find him a college where he could not fail,
so what better choice could there be than Yale?
He thought to send him there it would be prudent
so he could follow in the steps of its most famous student.

He might even be able to claim he had been a resident
In the very same dorm that had lodged Bush the President.
So off he went with his parents’ best hope
that on graduating he might prove to be less of a dope.

Graduate he did with a grade of A
simply because he had not missed a day.
So now for the real task he had to brace
as the challenges of earning a living he was about to face.

A willing young man, he tried his best
and was ready to take any kind of test.
But as he was unable to distinguish bottom from top
his results, alas, were always a flop.

Peter, who had hitherto lived his life without a care,
now began to suffer the pangs of despair.
If a job he would never be able to find
in his parents’ house he would remain confined.

In despair his parents began to think
that the only solution was to consult a shrink.
They were convinced the results would be just fine
if he could become a patient of the famed Dr. Ernst Jungstein.

The good professor jumped at the chance
to cure a case his reputation would surely enhance.
Their sessions began with him feeling confident
that his results would leave all concerned content.

As time wore on the case seemed a lost cause
and the good doctor feared his method might have some flaws.
But, as determination was his second name,
he refused to be defeated at the game.

He got on the Internet to his fellow psychiatrists
to see whether they could discover what he had missed.
The mouse on his computer never stopped to click
as the emails flew to Vienna, Paris and, of course, Zurich.

Many a forehead began to frown
as they asked how to persuade Peter up was never down.
But none could discover what was needed
and their lack of success they reluctantly conceded.

Though his discussions with Peter were becoming heated,
Dr. Jungstein still refused to be defeated,
Then, in what he later described as a thunder bolt,
the solution hit him with a jolt.

“I have it” he said, “I’ve cracked the case,
and found for you the ideal place”.
And he excitedly told Peter before him a brilliant career lay
as an Intelligence Analyst with the C.I.A.

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