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August 13, 2009

Health Care, Lies, More Lies and Going Ballistic

When Hillary Clinton tried to improve U.S. health care
no-one had told her she should be aware
of the vested interests that every dirty trick would employ
as they set out the President’s proposal to destroy.

Obama insists that universal health care indeed is needed
and was sure he could prevail where she had not succeeded.
Those who opposed his program their forces began to assemble
and drew up plans designed to make the White House tremble.

They arranged what they described as tea parties in town halls
that quickly deteriorated into riotous town brawls.
In them shouts and yells and insults were exchanged
and behaviour was seen best described as deranged.

Lies, more lies and this and that false statistic
spewed forth in voices hysterically ballistic.
Most developed countries consider it a fabrication
that private companies should be charge of the health care of their nation.

They are the ones who tell policy holders they can be insured no more
because they forget to mention they had medicine for a cough when they were four.
They reward their employees who discover someone who failed to say
he or she once sneezed on falling into a bale of hay.

Those are what they classify as conditions that are prior
and anyone who does not report them is designated a liar.
They are congratulated when they make a fat gain
irrespective of how many they have left in pain.

Then into the fray with her rantin’ and railin’
rushed someone who used to be known as Sarah Palin.
Her voice rising to an ear-splitting scream
as “evil” is how she described the scheme.

She raved that Obama was preparing what she calls panels for death
until at last she had to shut up to take a deep breath.
Should not someone whose teenagers are sorely in need of medical advice
before criticizing any health plan stop and think twice?

Investor’s Business Daily ‘s claim was the most weird
when Britain’s national health service it resounding smeared.
It claimed renowned scientist Stephen Hawking could not survive
if in Britain he tried to stay alive.

Could they possibly believe he lives on Mars?
Perhaps the better to study the far-off stars?
Their claim is a good example of the facts distorted
on which the opponents’ prevarications are supported.

Is it not odd that many who say of government intervention we should beware
are those shouting loudest when change is suggested to their Medicare?
Many of the protesters would end up as pitiable wrecks
if they could not rely on their Social Security checks.

At the belligerent tea parties many threats were made
and it said even a weapon was displayed.
Many a bewildered overseas faction
was bemused when witnessing U.S. democracy in action.

The raucous tea parties had an unexpected effect
that caused many of the foreigners to reflect
as they saw for themselves when someone tried to make a speech
that it is true what they say about American freedom of screech.

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