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June 20, 2008

In Brazil Write Whatever You Like, With One Exception

When, a few years ago, a New York Times correspondent in Brazil wrote that President Luiz Inácio Lula likes a drink or two (on his frequent foreign trips he was always photographed with a glass in his hand), he was threatened with expulsion from the country. I suggested then that foreign reporters there should bear in mind the following.

In Brazil Write Anything You Like,
With One Exception.

Of Lula write whatever you may choose
but never, ever mention any booze.
Feel free to comment on his faux pas, never ending,
with no association to his elbow bending.

Say, if you like, he loves to roam
and is very seldom found at home.
But when writing of his trips, both far and near
forget to mention that he guzzles beer.

Complain that he is failing at his task
while skipping any talk about a flask.
His actions, you may say, are risky
though leave out any link with whiskey.

Insist he has become a menace
whose mischief would give pause to Dennis.
Do not, however, spread the word about
that it’s because he’s suddenly discovered stout.

Agree with others that he is a fool
but please deny he takes his vodka cool.
Shout from the rooftops that he’s just a joke
but at no time say that he is quite a soak.

Protest that he keeps shooting from the hip
but mum’s the word about his fondness for a sip.
Avow he leads his country to the brink
….. but God help you if you hint he likes a drink.

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