I have written, and write, verses on different subjects,including politics. Some are satiric and some, I hope, amusing. Feel free to comment.

June 17, 2008

And Pigs Will Fly

As the global warming drums are beating
and temperatures go right on heating
not all are scared of climate change
or even weather they admit is strange.

In England, in counties near to France,
wine growers are preparing to seize the chance
to compete with the very best Bordeaux,
perhaps even from a famed chateau.

Though English wine may seem unthinkable
there is such a thing, but it’s quite undrinkable.
Producers welcome the longer, hotter summers on the rise
that will rid them of their permanent grey and leaden skies.

They know they would have much to gain
if they could produce a bubbly like Champagne.
And oh! What joy if they could grow
a grape to compete with a good Margaux.

They long for the day when Canterbury’s bells
will announce the Nouveau Tunbridge Wells
and they can unveil to the world their proudest brew
known as Dover Castle premier cru.

Their dreams are easy to comprehend
as they gloomily taste their inferior blend.
But the odds are their hopes will surely fail
so they would be better advised to stick to ale.

The English flee their soggy shores, cross the pond,
and head for Calais, Paris and beyond.
There they dine on food they consider fine
which, as they put it, is washed down with wine.

That the reverse will occur is hard to believe
for it is improbable that anyone could conceive
of the French enjoying meals that are overdone,
often ending with a sticky bun.

However much English vintners plan and scheme,
sow their grapes and optimistically dream,
they’ll not see the day when their neighbours rush hell bent
to quaff a claret made in Kent.

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