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June 21, 2008

Alan Shrugged, or A Farewell to Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan

I know nothing about economics or monetary policy which may explain why I could never understand why Alan Greenspan was so revered. I wrote this when he left the post.

Alan Shrugged, or A Farewell to
Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan

How we hung upon his every word,
to doubt him would have seemed absurd.
It was Greenspan who always knew the score,
he admonished us that less was more.

He taught a lesson that we all had learned,
a penny saved is a penny earned.
To surpluses he was enthralled
while deficits left him appalled.

In his reprimands we found no blame;
we thought Prudence was his middle name.
Then a sudden, stunning, change took place
which of the cautious banker left no trace.

The man whom some had called a Scrooge
had morphed into a Bush’s stooge.
A switch made, perchance, with a magic wand?
Or, shocking thought: had we all been conned?

Tax cuts, he said, were surely good
as he donned the cloak of Robin Hood.
Alas, no thought he gave the needy
for his concern was for the greedy.

When accused of having done the dirty
his attitude become quite shirty.
He said he’d never heard such rot
for one always gives to those who’ve got.

He admired the teachings of the famed Ayn Rand,
whose philosophy he revered as grand,
that the poor among us are immune to pain
so the hindmost is the Devil’s gain.

The solid greenback, once so prized,
is now funny money, much despised.
Can it be true he was heard to his wife to holler“
Andrea, Hon, guess what? I’ve shrunk the dollar!”

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